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Bottled Water – They are not all the same

Bottled Water – They are not all the same When we sit down to write an article, our goal is to share ideas, share some facts, and cause the reader to stop and think about things.  We avoid, with great passion, the scare tactics I see others use.  Today, we want you to...

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Does the Water in Your Home Smell Like a Swimming Pool?

If your home is supplied by a municipal water supply, it is very likely you smell chlorine when you bathe or taste it in your drinking water.  Many people are more sensitive to the smell and/or taste and others are not. We receive calls on a regular basis from...

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Ponder This! The Trivia Answers….

Ponder This! The Trivia Answers…. Are you excited?  Are you ready to jump in?  I know.  I know.  You just can’t wait, right?  Well okay, maybe you aren’t as excited as us when it comes to providing the best quality water to our clients in their homes and/or business,...

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Ponder This !

Ponder This! We are in the water treatment business………and we are very dedicated to providing our clients with the best water quality for their home or business.  We have been posting articles to help educate you and raise your awareness on water treatment, safety, and...

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Reverse Osmosis Purification

Reverse Osmosis Purification Have you ever wondered what Reverse Osmosis is or how it works? We have captured some excerpts from an article on science.howstuffworks.com by Kate Kershner. Kate explains it well with a little humor built in. We thought you might find it...

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A Salt Bridge? In Your Water Softener?

A Salt Bridge? In Your Water Softener? If you haven’t experienced this with your own water softener, you are probably curious as to what this term “Salt Bridge” means. We’re here to help you better understand how your water softener works, so here is an...

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Water Softener Maintenance – A Recent Client Conversation

In a recent phone call from one of our customers, we were able to determine the need for a service call.  The real point of this conversation is that regular maintenance, having your water softener looked over every 3 - 5 years, can save you money and frustration with...

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Lead in Your Drinking Water – What You Should Know

Over the past year, we have all heard many stories from around the country about lead in drinking water.  For those in Flint, Michigan, parts of New Jersey and New York, it is a crisis, but only in certain areas.  For others, it is a point of concern and awareness. ...

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Your Water Softener – How does it work?

You have this piece of equipment that probably sits in some dark corner of your basement. You rarely notice it except when it gets hungry, then, much like a medication, you administer a dose of.........salt, hoping for soft water again soon. Sound familiar? This is...

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