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If your home is supplied by a municipal water supply, it is very likely you smell chlorine when you bathe or taste it in your drinking water.  Many people are more sensitive to the smell and/or taste and others are not. We receive calls on a regular basis from potential clients complaining about the taste of their drinking water and the odor while bathing.  Some people reach a point where they have had enough!

The first question is usually why the smell exists.  Municipal systems are required to add Chlorine to the water supply to fight off bacteria that may grow in the many miles of water lines that run throughout your city.  This is mandated by the Federal Safe Water Act.  It’s a good thing for our overall health, but not for our taste buds or olfactory receptors (your nose).

The second question can be around why the odor is so strong.  This could be that you are close to the water treatment plant and receive the stronger chlorine content as the water is flushed through the system.  Maybe the smell comes and goes.  This could happen when the water is freshly treated and has a higher content of chlorine at first.  However, the cause doesn’t really matter.  The solution to the issue is more important.

What can you do?  If you are more concerned about the water you cook with, mix other beverages with, and drink from your kitchen faucet or refrigerator, then a reverse osmosis drinking water system is the best solution.  Follow the link provided to learn more about this system.  This system not only removes the chlorine taste and smell but also removes 97% of the contaminants giving you the best quality water possible.

If you would like to remove the smell and taste throughout your entire home, then a whole home carbon filter is your best solution. This can be added as a separate unit next to your current water softener or is an available feature in our ERR 3702 series water softeners.  These units remove the chlorine content in your water before running through the rest of your home.

Do you have issues with the taste or odor of chlorine in your house?  We can help!