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Ponder This! The Trivia Answers…. Are you excited?  Are you ready to jump in?  I know.  I know.  You just can’t wait, right?  Well okay, maybe you aren’t as excited as us when it comes to providing the best quality water to our clients in their homes and/or business, but I know you’re excited about the answers to the trivia questions I posted last week.  Right?  Just nod and smile, that works for me. Some of these you may know.  Some of you had to satisfy your curiosity and search the internet to find the answers.  Some of you might be patient enough to wait, sitting on the edge of your seat in anxious anticipation……….or not. Well, here you go.  The long-awaited, much anticipated, water trivia answers:
  1. Of all the earth’s water, how much is ocean or seas?  Answer97% – wowsers!
  2. How much of the world’s water is frozen and therefore unusable?  Answer2% – could most of that be here in Minnesota from December – March? 🙂
  3. How much of the earth’s water is suitable for drinking water? Answer1% – are you surprised, shocked, dismayed?
  4. How many community public water systems are there in the United States – Answer54,000 – with over 103,000 noncommunity water systems – over 157,000 total
  5. How much water do these utilities process daily? Answer38 Billion Gallons – that’s a lot of water to purify
  6. How many miles of pipeline and aqueducts are in the United States and Canada? AnswerApproximately 1 Million miles, or enough to circle the Earth 40 times. Sounds fun!
  7. What were the first water pipes made from in the US? AnswerFire charred bored logs – Yummy! Is that maple I’m tasting?
So now you’re thinking, “Those are some cool facts, but why are they important?”  We want you to be aware that the water we drink is not an over abundant resource.  We need to treat it carefully and be aware of the elements that can affect it.  Look at those answers again.  1% of the worlds water is drinkable, it’s being processed by hundreds of thousands of communities around the world, and pumped through millions of miles of lines to get to you, your home, and your business.  It’s actually miraculous! You are now armed with new knowledge.  Go forth and prosper. If you find yourself facing a water quality issue in your home or business, please contact us.  We can help!