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Is your home water supplied by a well? Maybe you have noticed slightly discolored water, or your white laundry getting tinted, stains in your toilet bowl and shower, or an odor. These are caused by iron content in your water. It is quite common in central Minnesota, so don’t worry, you are not alone.  And yes, there is a solution.

Let’s talk a little about the types of iron in this area and then the solution.

In the areas we serve, we see two types of iron:

  1. Ferrous (clear) iron – is dissolved iron and is invisible in your water out of the tap. However, if the water sits in a container for 15 – 20 minutes, it gradually turns yellowish to reddish brown. Clear water iron can be removed by your water softener unless it is present in dense amounts.
  2. Ferric (red) iron – is oxidized in the water to an orange or red particle. When letting the water sit in a container, the particles will settle to the bottom. Red iron causes considerable problems. It should be removed from your water before entering your water softener.

Be aware that wells can change in their iron content based on the water table and the aquifer your well feeds from.

The solution is to install an air injection iron filter. This equipment looks like a water softener but works much differently. An iron filter is installed before your water softener. The iron filter draws air as the water flows into it and provides an oxidation process that separates the iron from the water.  The iron falls into the bed of Specifically designed media and the water flows through the media and continues to your water softener. Typically, the iron filter will regenerate every 2 days to flush the iron from the media.

Now you have iron free, soft water flowing through your home.  No more staining, no more discoloration, and no more odor in your water.

Contact us at if you have further questions and we can schedule a time with one of our water consultants to visit with you at no charge.