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We Help Businesses Run at Peak Efficiency with Cost-Effective Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Hard water is HARD on your business. Extend equipment life, experience smoother processes, and produce better products with top-quality water treatment products backed by local, expert-trained technicians.

Tri County Water Conditioning serves many industries including the following:

Water treatment for agriculture
Water treatment for car washes
Car Washes
Water treatment for educational facilities
Educational Facilities
Water treatment for food & beverage
Food & Beverage
Water treatment for grocery stores
Grocery Stores
Water treatment for healthcare medical
Water treatment for hospitality hotel motels
Water treatment for industrial manufacturing
Water treatment for laundromats
Water treatment for multi-family units
Multi-Family Units
Well water treatment
Well Water
Water Stores Water Treatment
Water Stores

Commercial & Industrial Grade
Reverse Osmosis, Water Softening, Filtration, & Deionization

Whether you own a small coffee shop, a busy car wash, or operate a multi-million dollar healthcare facility, Tri County Water Conditioning has commercial & industrial solutions that fit your business, your budget, and your water quality needs. We look at YOUR individual water characteristics, plumbing, flow rates, water usage, budget and maintenance requirements and we provide you with the solution that meets YOUR needs.

What Makes us Different?

  • Guaranteed, No Hassle Service Agreement
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance and Testing
  • Labor and Parts Included at no Additional Costs.
  • Salt Delivery and Fill Up
Certified Water Specialist

What Services do we Offer?

  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment services
  • Granular activated carbon exchange
  • Catalytic carbon exchange
  • Facility operations & maintenance
  • Anion and cation exchange systems
  • Softeners, conditioners, & refiners
  • Sediment filtration
  • Carbon filters
  • Multimedia filters
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Ultraviolet light disinfection
  • Chlorine injection systems
  • pH adjustment systems
Commercial water softener

What You’ll Love About Working With Tri County Water Conditioning


Scale Reduction

To prolong the life of boiler & cooling systems,  steam production & humidification


Improved Efficiency

You’ll also enjoy decreased cost for many manufacturing and food/hospitality-based businesses


Spot-Free Rinses

Perfect for car washes, restaurants, hotels, and car dealerships


Expert, Local Technicians

You no longer have to wait for a long-distance rep to service your equipment. We live & work in here locally and are here to serve you

EcoWater proudly serves the following valued clients with commercial water treatment throughout the USA

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Based on 229 reviews
Naomi Hopkins
Naomi Hopkins
13:45 30 Jun 20
Quick service done with quality service. Warren was very professional and explained exactly what he did for us. thank you!!
Megan Bitterman
Megan Bitterman
17:12 26 Jun 20
Very knowledgeable about our well and all the equipment. Explained everything thoroughly and professionally. Arrived for appointments on time and called & texted beforehand to confirm the appointment times. Would recommend them to everyone!
Chris Grecian
Chris Grecian
15:57 25 Jun 20
From the initial consultation through installation, Tri-County Water made it very easy to understand the products and process. All employees we interacted with were knowledgeable and professional. I'm glad we chose Tri-County Water for our water softener and treatment needs.
Rosann Nadle Maher
Rosann Nadle Maher
00:44 19 Jun 20
Have always been super happy with Tri County Water and the wonderful service they provide. Recently installed their air scrubber on our furnace and we are thrilled. There is a level of comfort knowing that the air being circulated in our house has gone through the filter and the light and is fresh and clean. Especially with recent viruses and everyday bacteria its nice to know it helps stop the spread That in and of itself is worth it.
Justin Barrick
Justin Barrick
12:42 10 Jun 20
Tri County did a great job advising us on options for replacing our water softener. They’re installers were very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. I definitely recommend for your water treatment needs.
John Stürtz
John Stürtz
14:03 09 Jun 20
I needed filters for a Ecowater reverse osmosis system. Kari was great and made the process quick and simple. Highly recommend using them.
John Olaughlin
John Olaughlin
18:39 08 Jun 20
Polite, efficient, answered all questions, great looking product and extra incentive if your a COSTCO member.
Mark Stoltman
Mark Stoltman
17:00 06 Jun 20
They did a great job!
Nicholas Kwolek
Nicholas Kwolek
16:52 01 Jun 20
Great company! Everyone from sales to dispatch to technicians were helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend Tri County Water Conditioning to anyone in the market for a new water heater. Keep up the great work TCWC!
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart
15:06 27 May 20
Mark was professional and did a great job installing out new Water Softener. He explained how everything worked and worked with us on it's exact placement in our mechanical room. Excited to see the difference in our water!
Dale Hanson
Dale Hanson
00:52 23 May 20
Mark did an excellent job of installing our water softener. He came on time, even a bit ahead of time and complete the job all in good order and time. He left everything nice and neat. He explained the entire process of how to operate the equipment. I was very impressed with his work and well satisfied with the system.
Michael Polis
Michael Polis
14:50 20 May 20
I love these guys - from first phone call to the final call with the tech, they were a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to get me where I needed to be.
Kristal Ehrke
Kristal Ehrke
21:38 15 May 20
When the stay at home order due to COVID-19 pandemic placed our entire family at home 24/7, we know our 1 gallon jug refills of water from our local grocery store weren't going to cut it any longer. We have high levels of arsenic in our well water and don't drink or cook with it. Tanya at Tri County Water was thorough in giving me our options and we decided to rent a water cooler from them. The water tastes great, the bi-weekly delivery is perfect and reliable, and we're very happy with our decision to use Tri County Water. Highly recommend them for your water/water treatment needs.
Robert Duckson
Robert Duckson
23:25 13 May 20
Very professional and knowledgeable. Work was exceptional. Answered all my questions.
Matthew Hogg
Matthew Hogg
14:32 12 May 20
Service was quick and timely and our technician was easy to work with. He also provided simple, easy to understand information on what the issue was and how it was fixed.
Tammy neumann
Tammy neumann
13:41 08 May 20
They were great to work with! Very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Tri County Water!
Jan Heasley
Jan Heasley
01:12 08 May 20
I had my water purifier for over a year but I hated how noisy it was and also it leaked. Walter and John came and took care of both the noise and the leak. I’m so grateful. They were knowledgeable and professional and I will make sure to change my filters annually. Thank you both. You’re the best
dawit dejene
dawit dejene
01:19 05 May 20
Our water softener failed to work and the plumber said the water softener needs to be replaced it doesn't worth it to fix the issue. I started to shop around the different companies in all either too expensive lacking lots of features I am looking for from softener. I finally found the Tri-County Water Conditioning company through Costco. Melissa Zappe the salesperson who came to our house she educated me about hard water, chlorine, other water contaminants etc how it impacts our health and how we can make all houses with hard water, chlorine-free, and other water contaminants. She showed me all the different kinds of water softeners available for me to choose from. She didn't try to pursue me or presser me to decide. I finally decided to get ERR3702R30 model made by EcoWater the best water softener ever I owned. It has been 4 days since installed we are enjoying what the water softener doing for us. Enjoy shower and cloth lot cleaner than before etc.. The install was perfect Mark is excellent and he is professional and explained to me how to maintain the water softener myself every year. The other company even told me they will not take the old softener, but Tri-County Water Conditioning company did take the old softener with them. Also, Melissa will be coming back in 15 days to test our water again which is included in the deal. I recommend Tri-County Water Conditioning for a water softener or other services they may provide. Thank you!
Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
19:49 04 May 20
Contacted these guys through the Costco program. Very responsive, informative and thorough consultation. Installation went very well and happy with outcome. I can recommend them with confidence.
Kevin Heikes
Kevin Heikes
15:34 02 May 20
The water in our house was terrible before Tri-County added their system. Our shower smelled terrible, everything had rust stains and we had to buy bottled water to drink. Tri-County solved all of these problems for us and now we just take having good water for granted. They are honest and really know what they are doing.
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