3 Easy Steps to Saving Time & Money with Whole House Water Filtration

Whole Home Filtration

Here are three ways EcoWater can take care of your water, so you can take care of you and your family:

  1. Whole Home Chlorine Removal:

    Chlorine is a nasty but necessary chemical used to disinfect municipal water supplies. Although it’s good for killing bacteria, it’s bad for your skin and your health. Over-the-counter chlorine filters for your shower and sink only can do so much before they themselves get overrun with bacteria and buildup.

    Our unique Whole Home Chlorine Filter removes chlorine for the ENTIRE home so you never have to change another filter again. Plus, it cleans itself automatically and, unlike your mother-in-law, is seriously low-maintenance.

  2. Water Hardness Removal:

    We all know the telltale signs of hard water. Just like flies in the springtime, those pesky hard water spots, scale in the bathtub, and embarrassing cloudiness on the wine glasses keep coming back again and again.

    Tri-County Water Conditioning offers a variety of hardness removal systems that ensure sparkling drinking glasses, clear shower glass, soft skin and hair, and lots of suds in your bubble bath (of course now you’ll have time to be IN the tub, instead of scrubbing the tub).

  3. Drinking Water Contaminant Removal:

    These days we can spend hours, if not days, pouring energy into worrying about the chemicals and contaminants we consume. As an increasingly health-conscious nation, we all are becoming aware of the necessity of clean drinking water. We’ve all heard the statistic that water makes up 70% of our bodies (studies show in babies and small children water can make up even more).

    Why Choose EcoWater?

    • Products are made here in the United States in Minnesota.
    • The most comprehensive manufacturers warranty in the business including Lifetime Warranties.
    • The only water treatment with a Dare to Compare Guarantee.
    • Dealers who are water treatment professionals – not just plumbers or retailers.
    • A full line of reverse osmosis water filters for clear, clean drinking water.
    • Products specifically designed for municipal, rural, or problem water.
    • Wireless remote monitoring of salt level and operation so you don’t have to remember to check.
    • Refiner option to remove unwanted chlorine taste and odor from your water.

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