Get Water Filtration and/or Water Purification to Create the Exact Water You Desire!

Tri County Water Conditioning knows that every person, family, and home is different and that you may have a specific type of water quality you’re hoping to achieve. If not, that’s cool too! For those who are unsure of what they need, we offer free basic water testing so you know what’s in your water and we can help recommend the right water filtration options to meet your water quality & budget.

At the end of the day, our passion is providing the Minneapolis/St. Paul South Metro and Hutchinson area residents with excellent tasting, high-quality water so you can live healthier lives and have healthier homes. We’ve had the privilege of serving this area since 1956, and we will be here for a long time to come.

Unlike online retailers or big box stores, we live, work, and play in this area and are certified specialists in water quality (from the Water Quality Association) and employ master plumbers & Minnesota licensed water treatment technicians. In other words, were here to show you far better service than you’ll ever find elsewhere. Even if you’re just looking for a simple water filter, we offer competitive prices & can help you get on a regular schedule to change your filter so you never have to think about it again.

We offer three basic ways to filter your water:

Pre-Filter for Sediment or Chlorine

These disposable filters reduce sediment or chlorine and other harmful organics for your entire home. They are inexpensive up front and a great way to protect your home and your water-using appliances for the damaging effects of these contaminants. Drinking and bathing in chlorinated water have been shown to have negative impacts on your health, so this also helps prevent these negative effects, dry skin, & more. These filters do need to be changed regularly and may cause a decrease in water pressure if their useful life has been exhausted. We can help remind you to change your filters and even do it for you if you’d like.

Whole Home Water Refining

We offer state-of-the-art water refiners that are sized for your home, water usage, & water quality. Our refiners remove chlorine, sediments, and other harmful organics automatically, without the need to ever change a filter. Along with those awesome capabilities, our refining system also removes hard water minerals from your water so you can enjoy bubblier bubble baths, spot-free dishes, scale-free shower glass, softer skin & hair, whiter white laundry, & brighter colored laundry! Our systems have also been proven to improve the efficiency of your traditional or tankless water heater by up to 30% while also saving you up 70% in soap and cleaning supplies! Basically, when you use, clean, soft, refined water, you don’t have to use as much soap or cleaning supplies to chemically clean your home, body, and clothing.

Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

While many of the pesky minerals and contaminants that are removed by traditional filters, softeners, and refiners do help to improve water quality for your whole home, contaminants like arsenic, nitrates, sodium, and more are not filtered out by these methods. Fridge filters and pitcher filters only filter a fraction of what reverse osmosis filtration does, and the best part is, we’ll help you remember to change your filters, and even do it for you if you’d like. Reverse osmosis forces water at high pressure through a membrane that leaves the nasty stuff on one side and all the delicious, healthy water on the other. It is THE most cost-effective method of ensuring great drinking water for your home. We can usually run a line from the reverse osmosis system to your fridge as well for ice-cold healthy water and crystal clear ice cubes.

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