Ecowater Minneapolis Reviews

The EcoWater team was very helpful in selecting our system and the installer was great. Despite a constant flow of questions from our kids, he was helpful, professional, and efficient. Our water softener has been great, making a difference right away and using very little salt. Thanks!

WOW!!!!!! This Water System is awesome!!! We have already gone through 3 big containers of water in just 1 week!!! My family and I are loving it!! It tastes so much better then the sink water and the water that comes from the refrigerator! It is great water that tastes so good! Also, it only took a 10-15 minutes for them to install it! It's WONDERFUL!!!

We have been using Tri-County water for some years now, and are very pleased with their service. They are not only reliable, but deliver the highest quality water for out family. Thank you!

I live on the East side of town where water quality is always a concern due to PFC's. I was worried about water quality for our kids, so I had an R/O installed. I had the water independently tested by a friend after installation, the result was my water has water in it, that's it, just water, the way it was meant to be. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this EcoWater team.
EcoWater Minneapolis is rated 5/5 based on 41 reviews.