Ecowater Minneapolis Reviews

I just moved from Bloomington where a water softener isn't needed. The customer service during all phone calls pertaining to keeping the installed water softener in place to rent was excellent. The representative that came out to explain the operation of the softener was extremely helpful and we discussed purchasing options in the near future. Due to the great customer service, I'll be buying from Metro South Water Systems when I'm ready to buy our own water softener.

We recently had Eco Water Systems of Prior Lake install a reverse osmosis system in our kitchen. They were prompt, courteous and did an excellent job fitting the water system in with our current kitchen sink and fixtures. This wasn't our first experience with Eco Water Systems of Prior Lake. They installed our first water softener and iron remover in our previous house about 16 years ago. We highly recommend them!!

finally getting a water softener has made a huge difference in our dishes and clothes. getting the RO drinking water installed has been great as well! Coffee tastes better and even the ice cubes look different! it's an amazing difference. One thing to note for anyone that has a male cat, it is not uncommon for crystals to get built up in their urinary tract. this is much more common for cats with hard water. We have spent $600 per visit X 2 visits plus $1500 on a surgery for our cat, which we should have spent on a water softener years ago instead.

The EcoWater team was very helpful in selecting our system and the installer was great. Despite a constant flow of questions from our kids, he was helpful, professional, and efficient. Our water softener has been great, making a difference right away and using very little salt. Thanks!
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