Ecowater Minneapolis Reviews

Amazing! Knowledgeable! Professional! Quality!! We moved into our house a year ago. Our dishes were rust stained due to iron in water. We saw at Costco a sign about water treatment. When we had our appointment and we were amazed. They performed water testing in order to show us exactly what we had. We knew at that time they were knowledgeable and Credible. We were able to see immediately that they were able to help and we saw the results right there. We immediately we sold and set the install date. When they came they were respectful and professional. It didn't take long and we had for the first time amazing water. I today can attest to the quality of the equipment and our water. You would be a fool to pass these guys by, I tell everyone they NEED this.

I live on the East side of town where water quality is always a concern due to PFC's. I was worried about water quality for our kids, so I had an R/O installed. I had the water independently tested by a friend after installation, the result was my water has water in it, that's it, just water, the way it was meant to be. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this EcoWater team.

I was very impressed with the professionalism. It made a move to a new town a lot easier. A service schedule was set up and the technician really was knowledgeable. The prices are great too! I would recommend this company!

Good, fast and affordable service!!!
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