Ecowater Minneapolis Reviews

Tri-County delivers high quality water at a reasonable price and their service is very prompt and professional. I would recommend them with no hesitation.

The EcoWater team was very helpful in selecting our system and the installer was great. Despite a constant flow of questions from our kids, he was helpful, professional, and efficient. Our water softener has been great, making a difference right away and using very little salt. Thanks!

I just moved from Bloomington where a water softener isn't needed. The customer service during all phone calls pertaining to keeping the installed water softener in place to rent was excellent. The representative that came out to explain the operation of the softener was extremely helpful and we discussed purchasing options in the near future. Due to the great customer service, I'll be buying from Metro South Water Systems when I'm ready to buy our own water softener.

We met Jon and Renee through hockey as Jon helped coach our daughter along with his own daughters. As we got to know Jon we asked him questions about the rental water softener we had through Rainy Water Conditioning. Jon was able to give us a better understanding of how the system operates and how much salt the system should be using for our family of four. We discovered that our household was using way too much salt and we were paying more in rent than we should be. Jon was able to set our household up with an EcoWater on demand water softener at a lower rental price, and we are saving money by using only five to six bags of salt per year. We could not be happier with the water treatment system that we have from Tri County Water Conditioning.
EcoWater Minneapolis is rated 5/5 based on 41 reviews.